Inspired By Horses

Danny is one of the best-known stuntmen and stunt coordinators in the world. He has engaged in every possible type of movie action, from staged fighting, car crashes and jumping out of airplanes. But his love and passion is working with horses, highly intelligent, and by nature, kind, cooperative animals. The way horses respond to and are responded to by children, gave Danny the idea that the horses that had aged out of the heavy work of action films, could be honored through a "repurposing", working with underprivileged and sick children who had never had the chance to ride or in most cases, not be close to a living, sentient being who was not a person. Danny started a regular riding program, bringing in children from all over British Columbia, to experience all aspects of the ranch, particularly the horses. For so many, riding a horse, was a dream, an achievement and it was this early success, that laid the groundwork for what the Virtue Foundation would become.

Our Mission

  • The goal of the Virtue Foundation is to affirm children from every walk of life through a demonstration of love, compassion, and hope, as they interact with nature, caring adults, and horses. LET'S RIDE!

A Day at the Ranch

Danny quickly realised that with the natural setting, ranch resources and extensive network, he could create a truly memorable experience for many more people. By enlisting the help of his friends and colleagues in the film and television business, "A Day at the Ranch" was born.

Truly Memorable Experiences

The Virtue Foundation has continued its original riding program and currently also offers other activities that are coupled with charity events and fundraisers to benefit even more children. The Foundation is a proud member of both the community of Mission, B.C and the Metro Vancouver area and its influence will continue to expand.

What "A Day at the Ranch" Looks Like

July 26, 2020

July 11, 2019

Making the unbelievable... just another day at the Ranch!

We welcome everyone but love it when the kids join us. The excitement, the laughter, the contagious joy is why we are here. Our magnificent animals, from horses to bears and tigers, are waiting as are our staff and volunteers, to create a day of fun where learning about movie making, animal training and stunt performances are followed up by a big, good old fashioned barbeque.


Years of working with thousands of children and their families

Meet Danny Virtue

Visionary. Mentor. Businessman. Maverick. Pioneer. Dreamer. Philanthropist

These are some of the words that have been used to describe Danny Virtue throughout his incredible career in the entertainment business. The multi-talented Danny Virtue has established his reputation as not only a Producer and Director, but as an internationally recognised Stunt Coordinator, horse trainer and stunt performer. He is considered one of the most respected and influential figures in the Canadian film and television business and is unique amongst his peers due to the variety and scope of his knowledge and talents. It is these qualities that Danny brings to the Virtue Foundation, qualities that complement a generous and caring heart. Danny runs a charity that from the top down, is inter-personal, affirming and gets immediate results. Join us for A Day at the Ranch.

Danny Virtue

Founder Of The Virtue Foundation, Philanthropist

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You can donate online. Donations over $25.00 are eligible for an official tax receipt. You can also send us your cheque to the following address.

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Yes we do. A bag of horse feed, or nails and screws... we could make a good use out of them all. If you are in a fencing or roofing business, our ranch boundaries or barn roofs could always see improvements and mending too. These are just a few ideas of anything you could contribute to help us keep going. You can even sponsor a horse and we continue saddling it up for a kid with special needs. If you have any materials or supplies that you think we could use, please contact us and we will arrange scooping them up.

We could use extra helping hands with many areas of our daily operation and working with horses. Please contact us to inquire a volunteering opportunities.