Truly Unique Setting and The First and Only Ranch of its Kind in Canada

As one of Canada's most knowledgeable trainers, Danny has always known the healing power of the horse. When he was faced with horses in his stable whose careers in the movie business were over, he decided to put them to work in another way. Danny recognized that his unique approach to "equine therapy", an approach that utilizes a team of exceptionally well-trained, good-natured horses with workers and volunteers attune to the needs of specific children, in a setting that is tranquil, uniquely used and calming to the participants, worked to give these children an experience that can inspire confidence, and ultimately make them feel better about themselves, exemplified by the many beaming smiles.

Boundless Outdoor Opportunities

The Virtue Ranch is set in beautiful British Columbia. It is a home to horses and a variety of other domestic animals but it is not far removed from the wilderness. The surrounding forests contain palatial old growth forest, lush rainforest vegetation and a great variety of animals, from field mice to bears, from rabbits to deer. All this wealth translates into excursions, hikes, camping, wildlife observation and a plethora of other outside activities that Danny tailors to the children's needs, wants and abilities. It truly is an immersive experience.

Year-Round Indoor Possibilities

Danny has built an enormous indoor training ring with extensive spectator seating. Many interactive shows, using horses and other animals have been put on and continue to be programmed. Danny works with other industry professionals to create experiences that not only entertain but also teach. Children go from observers to participants regularly and this hands on experience provides immeasurable benefits to the children's confidence and self-assuredness. There is also a certain practicality to Danny's indoor facility; inclement weather does not affect the efficacy of the trip, even the horse riding as everything can be done inside. Any time of year, Danny is waiting for you.

Outdoor Activities

Horse Riding

Using retired movie horses, Danny has set up a program for physically handicapped children, including those challenged by learning disabilities and autism and has even set up equine therapy for policemen, firemen and other first responders suffering from PTSD.

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Camping By the Creek

Beautiful campsites are nestled between the Cascade River and the B.C. mountains and they are the perfect environment for peaceful reflection and positive change. These campsites are used specifically for youth gorups accompanied by their counsellor, sponsored by the Virtue Foundation.

The Animal Meet and Greet

Kids love animals. We have goats, sheep, dogs, donkeys and a variety of other animals here at the Virtue Ranch. The experience of meeting an animal that you have not met before, can be a life changing experience at a young age. We believe the connection to animals and nature is one of the rare commodities that is being lost in today's fast-paced world. We offer that serenity and joy at the Virtue Ranch.

Year-Round Indoor Activities


The huge, 55,000 square feet custom-built riding ring is of course used for horseback riding, demonstrations and other other exhibitions. But it has been also used for recreational sports and activities such as soccer and volleyball. It truly is a multi-use facility.

Banquet Hall

Overlooking the indoor riding arena is a beautiful banquet hall, used often for a variety of charity events, including public speakers, dinners, meetings, corporate getaways and of course, prime seating for the ring activities.

Gym Weights, Boxing & MMA

In Danny's business, physical fitness is not only a necessity, it is a life-saver. Danny has put together a gym that has enough equipment and space to support weight and circuit training, boxing and various martial arts. Wrap up your good "sweat" with warm shower and have a cold drink at a juice bar on the premises, perfect for cooling down and rebuilding that muscle.

Giving Back to Our Community for 24 Years Since 2000

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You can donate online. Donations over $25.00 are eligible for an official tax receipt. You can also send us your cheque to the following address.

The Virtue Foundation
General Delivery
Mission, B.C. Canada
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Yes we do. A bag of horse feed, or nails and screws... we could make a good use out of them all. If you are in a fencing or roofing business, our ranch boundaries or barn roofs could always see improvements and mending too. These are just a few ideas of anything you could contribute to help us keep going. You can even sponsor a horse and we continue saddling it up for a kid with special needs. If you have any materials or supplies that you think we could use, please contact us and we will arrange scooping them up.

We could use extra helping hands with many areas of our daily operation and working with horses. Please contact us to inquire a volunteering opportunities.